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Monitoring with Syslog and EventMachine

My talk from Ruby Conf Argentina 2011.

Patrick Huesler - Monitoring with Syslog and EventMachine from Ruby Argentina on Vimeo.

EuRuKo 2010 - Applications with MacRuby

Patrick Husler from ACE! Conferences on Vimeo.

The slides from my talk at this years scottish ruby conference

Quicktip - Use RubyGems default options to save you some typing

I hardly ever use the local RDoc documentation of my installed Ruby gems. Typing in --no-rdoc --no-ri every time I install a gem is cumbersome. The gem takes longer to install and it uses up unnecessary disk space. That annoyance goes doubly when installing gems on a server.

Luckily, RubyGems allows to set default options in a file called .gemrc which should be placed in your home directory. The syntax is in YAML format, therefore straightforward for a Ruby programmer. Just add this line to .gemrc and you are golden.

    gem: --no-rdoc --no-ri

A list of all options can be found here.

HallenProjektStatus - An OSX status bar application for

I have been writing Ruby applications exclusively for awhile now, so I thought it is time to try out something new. As a result, I have developed an OSX Cocoa application for, a website that aggregates different co working spaces. It is an application that lives in the status bar and allows easy checking into the available co working spaces.

It was fun and sometimes painful to learn how to achieve things with Objective-C and Cocoa in particular. And of course, learn how to automate packaging and deployment of new releases including automatic updates. Ironically, I ended up doing most of those tasks with Ruby. I will write a few blog posts covering my endeavors.

The source is available on github and the application itself can be downloaded here.