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The Future of the Security Industry by Bruce Schneier Tutorial

The Future of the Security Industry by Bruce Schneier Tutorial: "More companies are outsourcing their IT infrastructure -- treating it as a service more like electricity, office cleaning, or tax preparation -- and this has profound implications for IT security. Organizational users care less about the technical details of security. Products and services change their focus from the end user to the outsourcer. Industry consolidation results, as non-security IT infrastructure companies seek to bolster their security credentials. Even the profession changes, as jobs move from individual organizations to the outsourcing companies, and in some cases overseas. This talk looks at the future of IT security in a mature IT infrastructure industry. Bio: ( From ) Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author. Described by The Economist as a 'security guru,' he is best known as a refreshingly candid and lucid security critic and commentator. When people want to know how security really works, they turn to Schneier."

(Via SecurityTube.)